Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

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Your kitchen and bathrooms are important parts of your home. Yet, it is easy for kitchens and bathrooms to become outdated. With kitchens especially, you tend to outgrow the space at some point. The kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food. You probably have friends and family in there too. It can easily become crowded, especially if the layout of your kitchen is awkward. A bathroom can also quickly outgrown its practicality, especially if there is either not enough space or too many people vying for some time there.

Kitchen remodeling should be a combination of what you want to see in terms of decor and functionality. In other words, you want a space where you can cook and still enjoy some time with your friends and family. It’s often said that “too many cooks spoil the soup.“We think that if you’re kitchen is well-designed, it should be “the more cooks, the better.”


Kitchen remodeling usually includes the following:

Improved Lighting
- This includes artificial lighting options and improved natural lighting such as skylight.

More Space
- There’s no need to bump into your counter – or other people – while in the kitchen if you add more space This may include knocking down a wall to open up a space or just reconfiguring your layout.

New Flooring
- With all the wear and tear a kitchen typically gets, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the floor often needs to be replaced.

New Sink
- The sink is a common element in pretty much every kitchen. Over the years, a sink can become stained or it may no longer fit into your overall kitchen decor.

More Counter Space
- One of the most common kitchen complaints is a lack of counter space. This often includes completely replacing your existing counter tops. This is an excellent time to choose either a similar design or something completely new.


Bathroom remodels can also become involved. This doesn’t mean you have to become overwhelmed. Our experts work with you to find the right design elements to fit into your decor. Of course, a bathroom also needs to be practical.

Bathroom remodels usually include the following:

• New bathroom and sink fixtures
• New or updated lighting fixtures
• New or updated flooring

• Replacement of toilet and sink and tub fixtures with more energy-efficient versions
• Removing old wallpaper and other design elements that have outworn their welcome.

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